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Steve Gerson

Your partner in making every sign a statement!

Founder & Owner

Steve Gerson Signs, LLC

Professional Essence: Steve Gerson, a seasoned expert in the sign industry, brings decades of experience to the table. His journey in signage began after graduating from Penn State, leading him to become a key figure in the field. Steve's work, particularly in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, includes notable projects like the main entrance sign at Pittsburgh International Airport and the iconic Heinz Ketchup bottle display.

Career Highlights: Previously holding a leadership role with a major sign company, Steve has been instrumental in developing, buying, and selling several prominent sign businesses. Steve also was on the advisory board of one of the major LED Message Center Companies.  His expertise isn't just in design and fabrication; he's also adept in navigating the complexities of sign permits, zoning issues, and operations management.

Recognition and Innovation: Steve's contributions to the industry have earned him a listing in 'Who's Who in America' and recognition by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. He's been at the forefront of the LED sign industry, introducing some of the first full-color LED displays in the United States. His insights have been valued on advisory boards of major LED display manufacturers.

Diverse Clientele: Steve's portfolio is as varied as it is impressive, with clients ranging from local churches and schools to Fortune 500 companies. His work isn't confined to the U.S.; it spans across continents, with projects in Beijing, China, and Stockholm, Sweden.

Expert Authority: Widely recognized for his expertise in sign permits and zoning, Steve has been a sought-after voice at numerous sign zoning variance meetings. His opinions and insights have been featured in various media, including television and radio.

Today's Focus: At Steve Gerson Signs, LLC, the focus is on providing comprehensive solutions. Steve's approach goes beyond traditional sign making; he offers a partnership that encompasses design, material provision, permit acquisition, and operations management, ensuring a smooth process for every client.

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